Our client list is mostly consisted of basketball athlets. Durring the years we promoted well-known athlets such as:

  • Mihai Silvășan
  • Darius Hargrove
  • Branko Cuic
  • Sean Barnette
  • Brian Burell
  • Christopher Lee
  • Curtis Millage
  • Kyndall Dykes
  • Mihai Paul
  • Milos Pesic
  • Ancuta Stoenescu
  • Alexandra Uiuiu
  • Annemarie Parau
  • Adina Stoiedin
  • Romina Filip
  • Andra Ionescu

We also collaborate with basketball athlets agents like Ivan Asanin, Duncan Lloyd, Sevag Keucheyan or Sergiu Gherdan.

Starting with September 2015 HoopsTube Inc. is providing highlights to – a platform that promotes world wide athlets.